We have a dedicated residential and commercial practise using the five traditional elements of Feng Shui.

Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal coalesce in the context of Western contemporary design.

With balance, flow and colour in mind, we interpret inspirations, help clients realize their dreams, and reach full potential. 

Let us redefine how you experience your built environment through a strong point of view and create spaces that resonate.

Our designs are practical expressions of your personality, and we work closely to ensure your space is rendered faithfully.



 Home is a a place to restore the balance between mind, body, and spirit. In collaboration with you we design and refine your space by incorporating the best use of unifying colour, art, materials and textiles to create a peaceful environment. Feng Shui considers all aspects of your life and creates a practical interpretation of your individuality throughout the home. 




Your work space is a reflection of your brand and needs to support your business goals as well as care for your most valuable assets, your staff and customers. Allow us to create a space that arouses curiosity, cultivates customer loyalty, and exudes charismatic appeal. Feng Shui is used systematically by businesses to give a significant cognitive boost. 


Colour Consulting

Paint is the fastest and most effective method for change. Through Feng Shui we turn to the harmonizing colours of nature, architectural elements, available light, and your personal style. Sometimes the simplest colour is the most effective, and has an enduring appeal. We work to ensure the colour tones harmonize and create joy in your home or work space.